Why Fibre Optic Solution

Why Fibre Optic Solution

Optical fiber has been one among the effective inventions of the late twentieth century.

These flexible, transparent fibers made of silica can function as a wave guide or light pipe, to transmit light between the two ends of fiber.  They can also work to deliver an electric current for low-power electric devices.


For many reasons optical fibre is being preferred over copper wires:-

  • Higher carrying capacity – optical fibres provide more bandwidth compared to other copper wires.
  • Better solution in less expense- In the challenging money world man approaches the service where he can get maximum benefit from minimum amount and when optical fibres can do wonders with the minimum amount there’s no chance why anyone would go for the other service.
  • Effective Communication – The telephone transmission method uses fiber optic cables transmit energy in the form of light pulses. Though the technology adopted is similar to that of the coaxial cable, it still is preferred as it can handle tens of thousands of conversations simultaneously.
  • Medical uses – Well suited for medical use, they are used in a number of instruments that enable doctors to view internal body parts without having to perform surgery.
  • Easy and Simple to handle –Since optical fibers are lightweight and thin these are easy to handle and since it is non inflammable they are simple to use.

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